PT Photo Editor 4

Easily rescue problem photos.
Make every shot its best.
  • Advanced and easy to use tools and features allow you to edit pictures like a professional fast
  • Full-time 16-bit processing and full color management for a high quality result
  • Support quick batch processing
  • Powerful but amazing lightweight
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Edition Version & Size Differences Download Source
Free Edition 3.7 (13.5MB) Basic image editing tools
Supports opening 8/16-bit image and saving as 8-bit image(sRGB)


Pro Edition 4.3 (14.3MB) Basic & advanced editing tools
New Watermark module
Supports opening & saving as 8/16-bit image
Supports specifying color profile(ICC) when saving
Supports batch editing & watermarking


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Tech Specs

  • CPU: 1GHz or faster. Multi-core & 64-bit are recommended.
  • Memory: 2GB or above.
  • OS: Windows XP SP3 or later
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 or higher

What's New

4.3 (Pro Edition)

  1. Add watermark anchor points and alignment guides.
  2. Add watermark Blend Mode options.
  3. Some minor improvements.
  4. Bug fixing.

4.0.1 (Pro Edition)

  1. Fix some critical bugs.

4.0 (Pro Edition)

  1. Add Watermark module(support adding text/image watermarks and frame).
  2. Support batch watermarking.
  3. Some minor improvements.
  4. Bug fixing.


  1. Support high DPI display devices and dynamic DPI changing.
  2. Change show/hide region mask overlay hot-key from [O] to [X].
  3. Bug fixing.


  1. Add Batch Processing module.
  2. Supported languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français, 日本語, 繁體中文, 简体中文.
  3. Some minor improvements.
  4. Bug fixing.


  1. Add Lossless Rotation commands in bottom browser panel.
  2. Add a new navigator bar.
  3. Add Flow adjustment for Brush tool.
  4. Lasso tool supports antialiasing.
  5. Some minor improvements.
  6. Bug fixing.


  1. Add "Radial" mode to Gradient Tool in "Regional Edit" module.
  2. Refine the workflow of saving files.([Ctrl+S]Save, [Ctrl+Shift+S]Save As)
  3. Improve the algorithm of "Saturation" & "Vibrance" adjustments.
  4. Bug fixing.


  1. Add Color Correction adjustments in "Global Edit" module.
  2. Add Grain sliders in "Effects" adjustment panel.
  3. Improve the algorithm of color(HSL) adjustments.
  4. Improve the launch speed of the program.
  5. Minor improvements.
  6. Bug fixing.
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