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100% guaranteed payouts!

We partnered exclusively with RegNow, the global provider of trusted e-payment systems for affiliates. And you can be 100% sure to get money from your sales tracked and real-time reported only by RegNow!
Our products are all certified by Affiliate Tracking Program with RegNow, and RegNow is the only payment provider of this website, So all your sales commission is guaranteed!

Join RegNow Affiliate Network (our vendor ID is 37923) and start earning commissions!

If you are a novice to RegNow Affiliate Network start by filling up the registration page at
After you complete the sign up form, you will receive affiliate ID and further detailed instructions via e-mail.
All new affiliates are automatically approved, so you can start making money right away instead of wasting time on asking for permission to sell products!

Place links and custom builds to your website

There are several integration methods.

  1. RegNow provides several integration methods, such as Trial-Download and Affiliate-Order-Link. Go to RegNow for the details of these methods.
  2. We can provide you a special build which only contains your order-page's url.
    If you're interested with this cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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