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Powerful, easy and 100% free photo editing software
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PT Photo Editor - FREE EDITION

Powerful, easy and 100% free photo editing software

v4.0.3 For 64-bit Windows 7/8/10
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Advanced Retouching

Easily and expertly improve, correct, repair, and get rid of any flaws in your photos with professional quality and precision. Turn good-looking pictures into spectacular.
You can quickly remove red eye, spots and blemishes from your stunning wedding, birthday and holiday pictures with red-eye correction and blemish removal tools, and you can also use clone and heal brushes to erase the unwanted objects even in a complicated background.

PT Photo Editor - Advanced Retouching
PT Photo Editor - Pro-Quality Adjustments

Pro-Quality Adjustments

Enjoy a simple and elegant collection of intuitive, professional-grade image color and detail adjustment tools. Real-time 16/32-bits workflow design gives you an unsurpassed operating experience. You can easily adjust exposure, saturation, shadows and highlights, contrast, reduce noise, improve clarity, or even remix individual colors, changing the image’s feel and mood completely.

Smart Selective Editing

PT Photo Editor provides you an all-new selective editing way. With its powerful, accurate collection of selection tools, you can quickly and easily select any part of your images, and then apply different adjustment effects to the selected and unselected image area individually at the same time.

PT Photo Editor - Smart Selective Editing
PT Photo Editor - Inspiring Effect Presets

Inspiring Effect Presets

PT Photo Editor comes loaded with dozens of amazing effect presets to play with. Try unique, near-effortless artistic creations, and see the stunning results in real time.
You can also create your own favorite presets yourself, or download latest presets from here - Effect Presets.

Find the edition that's right for you!

Pro-quality color adjustments
Basic image editing tools
Smart selective editing
Unlimited fully customizable effect presets
Modern physics-based rendering architecture×
Overlay application of adjustments×
Advanced liquify tools×
Lens correction×
Watermark module (adding text/image watermarks & frame)×
Dehaze/Defringe Effect×
Clipping Warning×
View/Edit image metadata×
Supports opening 8/16-bit image with embedded color profile
Supports opening HEIF/HEIC files×
Full-time 16/32 Bit Processing
Supports saving as 8-bit image
Supports saving as 16-bit image×
Supports specifying color profile(ICC) when saving×
Batch converting/renaming/resizing/rotating/flipping
Batch editing×
Batch watermarking×
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