How to Remove Acne, Pimples and Blemishes from Photos with Blemish Remover

Free Photo Blemish Remover is a small but very easy to used photo editor. It can zap those zits, pimples, nasty black marks and other blemishes in no time.

Here’s a quick before and after comparison of the results achieved with Free Photo Blemish Remover:

Before After Compare


1. Open an image, drag the size slider or use mouse wheel to increase or decrease the size of the area that the blemish removal circle affects.

Free Photo Blemish Remover Tutorial 1

2. Move the blemish removal circle into the photo and click the part of the photo you want to retouch. The application heals the spot that you clicked automatically. An arrow points from the sample circle to the spot circle, which indicates the selected area that is being healed. If you’re not satisfied with the result, drag the circle to improve it.

Free Photo Blemish Remover Tutorial 2

3. Repeat step2 to remove every stain. To cancel a previous operation, select one of the circles and press Delete. To hide the circles, move the mouse pointer out of the photo.

Free Photo Blemish Remover Tutorial 3

4. Lastly, adjust the exposure, contrast and saturation of your images via the Color Adjust applet.

Free Photo Blemish Remover Tutorial 4

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