PT Portrait 4

Portrait retouching just got easier
  • Advanced and easy to use editing features let you retouch portrait like a professional in a fast way
  • Full-time 16-bit high quality processing
  • Natural and realistic effects
  • Support work as a Photoshop plug-in
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Edition Version & Size Differences Download Source
Standard 4.1 (15.6MB) Works as a standalone application.
Supports opening 8/16-bit image and saving as 8-bit image(sRGB)


Studio 4.1 (15.8MB) Works as a standalone application.
Works as a Photoshop & Photoshop Elements plug-in.
Supports saving sliders as presets
Supports opening & saving as 8/16-bit image
Supports specifying color profile(ICC) when saving


Tech Specs

  • CPU: 1GHz or faster. Multi-core & 64-bit are recommended.
  • Memory: 2GB or above.
  • OS: Windows XP SP3 or later
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 or higher

What's New


  1. The face key-points and outline points can be set outside the image now.
  2. Use new algorithms for eye adjustments.
  3. Bug fixing.


  • Bug fixed: PT Portrait's PS plug-in conflicts with SkinFiner's plug-in.


  1. New skin detection algorithm is used(faster and more accurate).
  2. Improve skin smoothing algorithm to retain more strong details.
  3. New algorithms for "Skin Imperfections" sliders(Pores/Wrinkles/Shine/Shadow/Redness).
  4. Add Shadow & Highlight sliders in "Skin Color" panel, and use the new skin contrast algorithm.
  5. Preset can be created with categories.
  6. Bug fixing.


  1. Support high DPI display devices and dynamic DPI changing.
  2. Add navigator panel.
  3. Improve skin smoothing algorithm.
  4. Support displaying layer transparency effect in plug-in mode.
  5. Add flow control in skin mask brush.
  6. Bug fixing.


  1. Use new skin detail smoothing algorithm.
  2. Support adding texture to skin.
  3. Add sliders to change iris color.
  4. Improve preset outlines in Fitting module.
  5. Incorporate Basic adjustments into Makeover module.
  6. Some small improvements.
  7. Bug fixing.


  1. Add supported languages(German, Spanish, Hungarian).
  2. Add "Auto Mask" feature for skin brush & eraser.
  3. Improve "Shine" adjustment algorithm.
  4. Improve skin temp & tint adjustment algorithm.
  5. Add skin contrast adjustment.
  6. Bug fixing.
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